How do I contact Forgotten Coast Concierge Services? To place an order, fax or email your shopping list at least five (5) days ahead of your arrival date. BE CERTAIN TO PROVIDE A PHONE NUMBER WHERE YOU CAN BE REACHED FOR ORDER AND CONFIRMATION INFORMATION! Feel free to use our shopping list as a guide or create your own grocery list. Be sure to designate specific brand names where and when applicable and if substitutions are or are not permitted! We will contact you to confirm your order and payment information. Cancellation of orders must be received within 48 hours of your original arrival date. There is a $75.00 cancellation fee. Specialty orders (decorated cakes for example), and local seafood orders are non-refundable and will be billed at specified rates. We will make every attempt to accommodate last minute grocery list changes.

Can I order groceries, meals, chair and umbrellas during my vacation stay? Absolutely! The delivery rates vary according to the size of the grocery order. An online invoice will be sent to your email address where you will be able to pay by Visa, Mastercard, American, Express, Discover or PayPal.

What are your service areas? Forgotten Coast Concierge provides service to Mexico Beach, Beacon Hill, St. Joe Beach, Port St. Joe, Simmons Bayou, Cape San Blas, and Indian Pass. For local services, we also travel to Overstreet and Wewahitchka.

What are the fees? 

$1 - $300 total Grocery & Beverages: only $75 * plus cost of groceries and beverages;

> $301 total Grocery & Beverages: only $100 * plus cost of groceries and beverages.

* Cape San Blas and Indian Pass add $25 gas fee.

Cancellation orders must be received at least 48 hours prior to your arrival date; there is a $75 cancellation fee.

Your groceries are billed at actual cost. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

What should I expect when I arrive at my vacation retreat? Provided Forgotten Coast Concierge is able to gain access to your rental unit on time, your groceries will be neatly arranged in the pantry and refrigerator as applicable. If you've requested your favorite beverages to be iced in coolers, you will find these items ready and waiting for you too! Your "arrival day meal" will be neatly arranged in the refrigerator or on the countertop (with all the associated condiments) unless specific delivery instructions have been set forth!

How much time do I have to place my order before my requested delivery date? Five (5) days is our preferred advanced order window; however, we will use our best efforts to fulfill all last minute orders! However, a forty-eight (48) hour cancellation notice is required with a $75.00 cancellation fee. Specialty orders, meals and local seafood orders are non-refundable. Forgotten Coast Concierge understands travel delays and complications. We will use our best efforts to accomodate last minute order changes.

What type of payment do you accept? We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. You will be personally contacted by Forgotten Coast Concierge prior to your arrival to confirm payment information. At this time, we will discuss specialty items, arrival night meals and confirm your shopping order.

How do you get the groceries to my vacation paradise before I arrive? We will coordinate the delivery of your groceries, arrival night meals, specialty items, umbrellas, or chairs with your rental agency.